Make your internal talent network exceptional

Showing multiple people or colleagues connected as part of a network that could be a talent marketplace
Employee Engagement & Retention reimagined with Internal Talent MarketplaceSimple. Intuitive. Powerful.

Super charge performance, increase retention, drive innovation or scale profitably

Simple. Intuitive.

A rich set of capabilities have been woven into a single intuitive platform that fits into how employees work - so with the same effort they can deliver a lot more. Additionally, they gain access to powerful insights and a plethora of opportunities spanning across the entire organization.

Welcome to the future of work!


Discover valuable skills, available capacity, and shared interests across your organization

Break free from missed collaboration and innovation opportunities caused by a lack of visibility. Enhance agility by harnessing the abundant capabilities, ideas, and capacity available to you.


Get a dynamic skills framework that seamlessly aligns with your daily work

Harness the potential of your skills to unlock career opportunities. Integrate your skills into your daily work and career progression through the innovative Skills+ framework.


Streamline planning, staffing, execution and feedback of initiatives within a unified workspace

Eliminate the need to manage different aspects of a single initiative across multiple tools. Get productive by automating and optimizing your workflow with a dedicated workspace that encompasses the entire lifecycle of initiatives.

Gig market

Accelerate innovation & cross-functional collaboration opportunities

Break free from the limitations of limited visibility for initiatives across your organization. Embrace the AI-powered gig marketplace to launch or engage in a greater number of innovation initiatives.


Reduce risk for employees and hiring managers around lateral mobility

Don't allow the limitations of your work experience to hinder your exploration of roles in new areas. Embrace the opportunity to confidently expand your horizons with Mobility360.


Access an ever-present channel to deliver feedback anytime

Stop waiting for the annual or quarterly survey to provide feedback. Deliver timely feedback using Pulse surveys seamlessly integrated within your digital hub.


Gain access to mentors relevant to your needs from any location or function

Eliminate the missed opportunities for mentoring support that can assist with work and career challenges. Effortlessly request and manage mentoring relationships across your organization through the open mentoring network.


As a talent manager or people manager, unlock fresh insights into the talent pool

Put an end to driving talent initiatives without adequate data by leveraging comprehensive insights. Enhance mobility, hiring, and training strategies by using Insights to gain a deeper understanding of people's needs, skills and engagement

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Internal Talent Marketplace
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Make your internal talent network exceptional

People & Culture / Talent Management Teams

Elevate your talent ecosystem to new heights by empowering personalized career pathways. Enable lateral career progression through a range of initiatives such as internal gigs, hands-on learning, job role experimentation, and AI-driven recommendations. Foster skills development, leverage 360 feedback, promote mentoring relationships, and encourage cross-functional collaboration. By doing so, you can assist your employees in leveraging social capital, building robust internal networks and democratize access to opportunities throughout the organization.

DE&I Leaders

To foster a more profound sense of inclusion, it is crucial to address diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) at various levels. Implement a comprehensive DE&I framework that expeditiously launches targeted programs, supports recognition, promotes ally-ship, encourages affirmations, and facilitates reverse mentoring, among other initiatives. Utilize on-demand pulse surveys and dashboards to regularly evaluate progress and dynamically adapt strategies for a meaningful and lasting impact.


Craft an Employee Value Proposition (EVP) that seamlessly integrates flexibility, mentoring, reskilling, and social capital. Empower your organization to thrive in the market by unlocking talent potential across various geographies and departments, effectively deploying them where they can make the greatest impact. Gain a comprehensive understanding of your talent pool to strategically shape the future of your workforce in terms of skills and engagement, paving the way for sustained success.

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