Has your organization recently launched an internal talent marketplace or is it in the process of building one?

We discuss 10 ways in which you can embrace change and be a champion of your organization’s strategy. Use these methods to leverage the talent marketplace and enhance your impact as a people manager.

1. Identify individual strengths

Talent marketplaces continuously offer valuable insights into employees, including their skills, expertise, interests, and feedback. Leverage this data to gain a deeper understanding of your team members' current strengths and how these evolve over time. Recognizing these unique capabilities empowers you to evaluate and adapt their roles to align more effectively with their strengths. This, in turn, enhances engagement and productivity.

2. Manage team workload

Workloads often fluctuate more rapidly than your team's capacity can accommodate. This can result from factors like attrition, new business ventures, or organizational changes, leading individual team members to contend with increased workloads. Utilize the internal gig feature to quickly tap into available capacity across the organization. This will provide temporary assistance to your team in managing the heightened workload.

3. Listen to and act on feedback

Quarterly, semi-annual, or annual organization-wide surveys may not suffice for understanding your team's dynamics, especially when it's large or dispersed across various locations. Harness the talent marketplace for real-time, frequent insights into your team's pulse. This proactive approach allows you to identify challenges promptly and address concerns wherever your team members are located.

4. Facilitate skill development

Team members often prioritize daily tasks over skill improvement. Motivate them to utilize the talent marketplace to assess their skill gaps and discover recommended learning and development opportunities, including training and hands-on experiences like gigs or secondments.

5. Support career aspirations

The talent marketplace offers personalized guidance to assist employees in achieving their career aspirations. It allows them to experiment with different roles and teams, expand their skill sets, and improve adaptability. Encourage your team members to explore these opportunities, granting them the flexibility to do so. Be prepared to serve as a sounding board for discussions on strategies, progress, and any necessary adjustments.

6. Network for growth

Although it's tempting to retain team members over the long term, as a people manager, it's more advantageous to acknowledge that every employee will eventually move on to other roles. This transition benefits not only the individual but also your team and the organization as a whole. Therefore, assist them in preparing for this future move.

One effective method for team members to continue growing and transitioning to new roles is by expanding their network within the organization. Talent Marketplaces are designed to support employees in strengthening their internal connections. Encourage your team members to use their time on your team to build a robust internal network.

7. Recognize and reward talent

Employees will begin receiving 360 feedback from colleagues across the organization, which may include recognition for exceptional values, outstanding skills, or high potential. Establish a formal process to acknowledge their achievements and openly celebrate their successes. This fosters a culture of appreciation and motivation.

8. Promote diversity and inclusion

Utilize the talent marketplace to build diverse and inclusive teams. Whether it's for short-term resources through internal gigs or filling roles via internal mobility, harness the marketplace's AI engine to enhance the diversity of hires. Simultaneously, evaluate and continuously enhance inclusivity within your teams by utilizing employee feedback, implementing reverse mentoring, and promoting allyship.

9. Foster mentorship and coaching

The talent marketplace can facilitate mentoring within your team and across the organization. Encourage employees to actively seek mentors or share their expertise to become mentors themselves. This knowledge exchange can expedite skill development, fuel aspirations, and foster a stronger sense of community within both your team and the broader organization.

10. Encourage collaboration

Motivate your team members to connect with colleagues from various departments or teams for knowledge sharing, best practices, insights, or moonshot experiments. They can achieve this through launching or participating in internal gigs on the marketplace. Apart from enhancing a sense of belonging, this cultivates a more agile, startup-like culture and expands employees' internal networks.


Effective people management extends beyond the talent marketplace. It entails open communication, attentive listening, consistent feedback, and continuous support for your team members' personal and professional development. When you integrate these vital elements with the opportunities offered by the talent marketplace, you can amplify your impact as a people manager, fostering a high-performing work environment.

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