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Understanding pulse of team members

A rich set of capabilities have been woven into a single intuitive platform that fits into how employees work - so with the same effort they can deliver a lot more. They also get powerful insights and access to more opportunities across the organization.

Workforce Development

Employees get personalized career development support by matching their aspirations to open opportunities (short term assignments, internal gigs), hands-on skills development and democratized buddy / mentor programs

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Understand the pulse of the organization through structured and unstructured surveys that are customizable. Easily set-up and deploy customized surveys on-demand. Mood-meter is used to understand the engagement (current state, evolution over time) of the organization

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Global Talent Sourcing

Empower Managers to source available talent / skills within the organization across the globe. Create transparency on people across the organization through a people card for every employee to communicate their story, experience, top skills and interests. Combined with the Aspirations Engine and All-In-One Workspace, managers can seamlessly source and work with talent across the organization.

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Performance Management

Re-imagine performance management through timely, regular and relevant 360 feedback for all employees. Enable peer recognition of champions of core values such as Leadership, Innovation, Collaboration. Use powerful reports with real-time insights on progress against goals

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Seamless Integration

VIrkware is built to work in the mode that suits your organization. It can connect seamlessly with other existing internal solutions such as collaboration tools (e.g. MS-Teams) or HRMS solutions (e.g. Workday). However, it can also be used independently as a standalone solution if required.

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All-in-one workspace

Enable employees to come together from across the organization to work on an initiative. The workspace enables global, hybrid teams to work effectively by integrating OKRs or performance objectives, milestones, communication, document management and 360 feedback

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