1. What is your current role? What was your first role when you started your career?
  • At present, I am the Head of Digital for SME in Alliance Bank. I started my career as an Investment banker in Maybank Investment Bank
  1. Can you share one or two instances where you transitioned from one role to an unrelated or seemingly unrelated role?
  • After many years in banking industry, I moved to do a startup funded by a Malaysian listed company. I was the founding CEO of MX Global - a licensed cryptocurrency in Malaysia
  1. Thinking about the transition to an unrelated role, can you share the following:
  • What was your motivation for the transition - was it self driven or was it driven by circumstance
  • it was self driven. I wanted to join the startup bandwagon and start something from scratch instead of the usual banking job.
  • What helped you the most in making this transition? Was it your network's power, prior working relationship with the line manager, transferable skills, or luck?
  • it was timing of the opportunity. My skills from consulting are definitely transferable as well as the need to be outcome oriented.
  • Once you transitioned to your new role, which of your existing skill was / skills were most helpful 
  • The need to be outome oriented. Always understand what we can / cannot do within a short timeframe but always push ourselves further to our limits
  • Did you have to develop a new skill or improve an existing skill in your new role? If yes, how did you go about developing/improving this skill?
  • Yes. I significantly increased my network and partnership. Through that I managed to also learn how to fund raise in the startup scene.
  • Did any training program help you either make the transition to the role or help you succeed once you transitioned to the new role
  • No
  1. Looking back, is there anything you wish you had done differently or had better support when making these transitions?
  • Never regretted my decision of moving out from industry and doing the startup. Everything happens for a reason. One thing I could have done differently was to perhaps have stayed longer before I sold off the startup.
  1. What advice do you have for people exploring career transitions within or outside their organization?
  • Just do it. Especially if you have nothing to lose, and there is so much to gain.

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